Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous [Na2SO3] [CAS_ 7757-83-7] Technical Grade 97+%, White Crystalline Powder (50 Lb Bag)

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Wintersun code: 19-047
CAS Number: 7757-83-7
Molecular Formula: Na2SO3
Molecular Weight: 126.04 g/mol



It is primarily used in pulp and paper industry. It is used in water treatment as an oxygen scavenger agent , in the photographic industry to protect developer solutions from oxidation, in textile industry as a bleaching, as a desulfurizing and as a dechlorinating agent and in leather trade for the sulfitization of tanning extracts. It is used in chemical manufacturing as a sulfonation and sulfomethylation agent. It is used in the production of sodium thiosulfate. It is use in other applications include ore flotation, oil recovery, food preservative, making dyes, and detergent. It is mainly used in medicine, tannage and tanning.

Sales Specification

  • Appearance: White Powder,
  • Na2SO3: 97.0 % Min,
  • Heavy Metals: 0.0005 % Max,
  • Arsenic: 0.0001 % Max,
  • Iron ω/: 0.0020% Max,
  • Water Insoluble: 0.02 % Max,
  • pH Value: 4.0 – 4.8.


    50 lb paper bag 

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