Potassium Chloride SQM 95+% [KCl] [CAS_7447-40-7] Industrial Grade, White Crystals (50 Lb Bag)

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Wintersun code: 16-018A
CAS Number: 7447-40-7
Molecular Formula: KCl
Molecular Weight: 74.56 g/mol


Potassium Chloride is a white crystalline solid with saline taste, soluble in water (more soluble than sodium chloride in hot water but less in cold), insoluble in pure alcohol, hydrochloric acid, ether and acetone; specific gravity 1.984, melting at 772 C and sublimes at 1500 C. It is produced industrially by fractional crystallization of the mineral sylvite and carnallite or from the solution of lake brines. Potassium chloride is used as a fertilizer, in photography, pharmaceutical preparations and in preparing other potassium compounds such as the chlorate, carbonate, sulfate, nitrate and the hydroxide (electrolysis of potassium chloride produces potassium hydroxide, called caustic potash). It is also used in petroleum industry, rubber industry, electroplating industry. Pharmaceutical grade is used as a potassium supplement administered by oral or injection. Potassium Chloride is used in manufacturing liquid detergents and soft soaps as a viscosity-regulator.

Sales Specs

  • K2O: 60% Min
  • Ca: 0.2% Min
Typical Sieve Analysis
 US Standard Sieve  Tyler  mm  
+35   +32 0.50  14%
+45  +42 0.35  33%
+60  +60  0.25  56%
+80  +80  0.18  71%
+120  +115  0.125  82%
+200  +200  0.074  92%
-200  -200    8% 


In 50 lb bag

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